Monday, December 6, 2010

Loss of Thum

Loss of thumb, Eko Trauma Increases Bus TransJakarta

Loss of thumb, Eko Trauma Increases Bus TransJakarta
Jakarta - Eko Nugroho's lost half his right hand because your thumb stuck door TransJakarta a crowded bus. Eko is now traumatized bus fare is Rp 3,500."Since there is corridor VI I really prefer to go TransJakarta. 

But because of this, I was so traumatized, finally use the car again," said Eko in talks with AFP on Monday (6/12/2010).After the incident which happened on November 18 that, Eko had send-send messages with a dinaikinya TransJakarta bus conductor. At that time, officers were onboard memintai phone number to monitor the situation. Unfortunately, there are no more attention from the General Service Agency (BLU) TransJakarta. He also took the initiative to contact the management bus."The incident on 18 November, then I had just entered the office again on 22. About 22 or 23 my phone to TransJakarta and reported the incident," said the man was 45 years.He did not ask the name of the officer who received the call, because it was already talking with the right person. Officials said the party would call for TransJakarta together a report with the police."But there is also no clarity, so I call again a few days later. Eh even before he said there were no reports. So I wrote (a letter) to some media," said Eko.Eko hope no accountability from the BLU TransJakarta. Because it is not impossible that the same events repeated in the future."Maybe the doors need to be audited safety. Then consider if the bus is full is not allowed to enter again (passengers), or if necessary, the guard is on the second door," please employees of mining companies in Jl HR Rasuna Said this.Sometimes Eko went to his office in the golden triangle area from his home in Kebagusan, South Jakarta, with cycling. But thanks to lose half of his thumb, he was a little trouble holding a bicycle handlebar.Meanwhile, the Head of Control BLU TransJakarta, Gunardjo, says not yet received a report on the incident. He promised to immediately check into the complaint."Usually when there are passengers kejepit, in the crowded office, Ma'am. But why is not there yes. I'll check," said Gunardjo AFP when contacted.A few minutes later Gunardjo send a short message to the AFP. "Info from security, there was the incident in question," he wrote.Eko thumb when he caught a bus ride TransJakarta Corridor VI, Hamlet On-Ragunan majors. He rose from the stop Patra Kuningan. At the stop MOH, two men broke into a bus full so make Eko recessive.Eko was holding the door of the bus which then closes automatically. Malang, stuck his right thumb. When he withdrew his hand, half of his thumb broken and left on the door of the bus.

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