Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Mystery of Al Quran from Saddam Hussein's Blood

The Mystery of Al Quran from Saddam Hussein's BloodIt is said that Saddam donated 27 liters of blood for two years instead of ink.

Thursday, December 23, 2010, 06:30 GMT
Government and Iraqi scholars were puzzled by a copy of the Koran. Therefore, the holy book was supposedly written with the blood of the country's former ruler, Saddam Hussein.
Copies were made in the late 1990s. At that time, Saddam ordered the calligraphers to copy the Holy Quran using his blood. By the argument as an expression of gratitude to God, Saddam donated 27 liters of blood, within two years, instead of ink.
There are two difficult choices that must be taken immediately linked copy of the Quran is: be destroyed or retained.
"What he did, writing the Koran with blood is wrong, illegitimate," said one Iraqi cleric, Sheikh Samarrai, as published pages of The Guardian.
Saddam's legacy is currently being stored in a locked room with three doors at the mosque in Baghdad.
Some Western scientists also provide opinions about this.
As the site loaded LiveScience, Wednesday, December 22, 2010, conservator at the Winterthur Museum as well as professor of the University of Delaware, Bruno Pouliot, said of the art, the blood used to paint or write.
But, it usually uses the blood of animals rather than humans - although there are also artists who use blood or human hair in his work. "What used to be used is cow's blood," he said.
The use of human blood, Pouliot said, is closely related to ethical issues. Even in the arts though, the use of human blood taboo. "Taboo, because it relates to the risks," he said.
Risk is associated with blood-related diseases such as Ebola, Hepatitis B and HIV.
Meanwhile, Deputy Executive Director of the United States Blood Center, Celso Bianco, questioning the truth of Saddam Hussein's use of blood which reached 27 liters in two years.
According to regulations in the U.S., blood donors who allowed just five or six liters for one year, or less than a gallon. Normally, 27 liters of Saddam's blood was taken for nine years.
"It's an incredible amount. If that figure is correct, would make him anemic," said Bianco. [vivanews]

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