Thursday, December 2, 2010

Yogya Residents Start Demonstration

Thousand people marched to Parliament  Yogyakarta.
[SRN] Wednesday, December 1, 2010, 16:28 GMT

Banner support Referendum in Yogyakarta

Today, more than 500 people held a demonstration at the office of the Council of Representatives of the Special Region of Yogyakarta. Those subjects who incorporated therein Ngayogyakarta Alliance supports the Governor of DIY set.
"We support the referendum and the most important determining lane Pakualam X and IX as Governor and Vice Governor of Yogyakarta. If you do not want confirmation, please exit from Yogya," said Sukiman Hadiwijoyo told parliament members that meet their Yogyakarta.
"So also with the DPRD DIY, if not please make the office itself outside Parliament and this office will we live as victims Merapi evacuation," said Sukiman, Wednesday, December 1, 2010.
Sukiman asserts, citizens and the officers are opposed to any hamlet in Yogyakarta Governor elections. "We will boycott if local elections were held and the people of Yogyakarta will be our Condition," she said.
Sukiman explain the features of Yogyakarta is Kraton and Puro Pakualaman is one of the founders of the Republic of Indonesia. They also reject the concept of "Parardhya" referred to the Minister of the Interior Gamawan Fauzi. The concept that, according to Sukiman, as if the Sultan of Yogyakarta, the highest position as if not touched directly or away from the people.
Not satisfied only with the audience, the mass action amounted to 500 people who are members of the community elements such as pedicab drivers, hamlet officials, businessmen and artisans also paraded with posters reading "Death rates RI! Privileges prices Dead!"
Edhi Wibowo, Chairman of the DPRD DIY Legislation, in hearings with the citizens say, "we have not budgeted for the election." Edhi also explains, there is no more monarchy in Yogyakarta, DIY and the government has to be democratic.
About the aspirations of the demonstrators, DIY parliament will request a week to discuss. "Tomorrow, Thursday, will hold a meeting of our faction leaders to address it. Problem mechanisms of its meeting, tomorrow we specify the fraction, if not perfect or anything," said Edhi.
On Friday, President Yudhoyono expressed the introduction of a limited cabinet meeting to discuss the preparation of Yogyakarta Privileges bill which later became a polemic. Yudhoyono said the monarchy should not clash with the constitution and democracy. The next day, Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono X held a special press conference to ask about the intent behind SBY.
Gamawan Fauzi Interior Minister has denied the existence of conflicts between President Yudhoyono and Sultan Hamengkubuwono X. "The issue that has been everywhere. In fact it (the discussion of the determination or election of Governor-Deputy Governor of DIY in the Bill Privileges Yogya) is a natural thing, not a conflict between the President and the Sultan," said Gamawan Tuesday, November 30, yesterday.

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