Wednesday, December 1, 2010

About me.
Having graduated from the Department of Science, 1998, I left my hometown, to the capital of a supposedly promising jobs and exciting career, Jakarta, 400-500km from the my  village. It was only armed with Rp 50.000, - (less than USD $ 6), giving parents.In my heart I promise I will not go home until I was quite successful. Long story short I experienced a lot of work, until finally I stood alone and own a business in the field of electrical and construction, has been almost 10 years I wrestle this field there is a feeling saturated, but I can not leave this business , because many are related, such as employees, family and many who rely on this business , also the suppliers who have to sell the goods to us.At the moment getting fed up that I began to delegate to others who can help my leadership, step by step moving towards success.
From here I went back to my hobby rather lie fallow, that is painting. Actually painting hobby I've lived since the year 1976, when it I was only 16 years old.  Although it was a hobby but I do professionally, and several times exhibitions, including solo exhibition, this achievement that makes me happy, because I was self-taught painter.But I knew painted does not involve a lot of people, all I can do myself, I realize living in developing countries, I met a lot of unemployed, homeless, beggars, people who are not school. If I just paint, I'm very selfish, and there is a feeling of sin is still a lot to see my people suffer. My Country which is too limited, there is no unemployment benefits, no medical benefits and education fee is very expensive for the average person.On the other hand I also can not build a new company and hold them to pay, because companies need time to build, capital and skills that are not small. While they need to eat right away.
Apparently God Allmighty -knowing will be his people who want to help others, not much in the environment and power grid construction projects in my company. There are many things I find stuff like the rest of the project, iron pipes, Polycarbonate, PVC pipe, various bottles, wire, etc. Year 2005, From here I began encouraging because things I found was actually new, though it rest. And the most appalling is the number of pvc pipes are sometimes thrown away, and we know plastic decompose in the ground it took more than 100 th. Wire, bottles and crumpled Polycarbonate also granted, sometimes just thrown in the trash.
From here I'm like a baby who discovered a new toy, because whatever I chain would be unthinkable to most people before. There's just a new sensation that makes me more spirit, such as lamps made from old shower, from the mouse used, from chopsticks, the former carburetor, taps ex, former plumbing, old-fashioned fittings, bolt valve ancient, old water heater etc..Cat Clock from gravired  pvc pipe, Penguin Clock which consists of a series of two old discarded items equipped premises dimmer.Lanterns are made of fiberglass former project etc., and also a table lamp made from a combination of ancient plumbing. Very Sensational ... all the material that I got,is sensational material, from there  the brand was born as SENSATIOCRAF. I hope that spirit of  SENSATIOCRAFT will release them from, jobless, homeless, uneducated people, also throwing poverty from my country at all.
Although now Sensatiocraft not well received in  my  country, it's just a matter of time. One day they will understand that the environment in which we live is the reincarnation of the material that already exists in our environment. Because we sometimes do not realize that actually buy things we already have ...

Bambang P Eryanto
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