Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Blackberry Rob Our Money

Blackberry Rob Our Money
BlackBerry users in Indonesia reached an estimated 2.5 million with revenues amounting to USD 7 per-user/bulan. This means that every month there is revenue of USD 17.5 million went into canada. RIM (Research in Motion) operating in Canada to dredge the USD 122 million / year from the Indonesian market with no taxes, because it is not subject to tax in Indonesia.

It conveyed the Deputy Secretary General of Justice Party Sejahtera (MCC), Mahfudz Siddiq told reporters at the Parliament House Senayan, Jakarta (Tuesday, 11 / 1)

"So, RIM case is not just a problem of filtering pornographic, but the justice business. Do not go around just makes our milk cow," said Mahfudz.

Vice Chairman of the Special Committee Inquiry Century Bank, said the company founded by Mike Lazaridis, a Greek immigrant in the city of Waterloo, Canada does not bring significant economic benefits for Indonesia. In addition to the lack of investment, also insignificant number of workers who absorbed the rim.

"So the government claims, in this case Kominfo, for RIM to run legislation is in the national interest, and to avoid discrimination by other telecommunication providers in Indonesia,"said Mahfudz. 

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