Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Hip-Hop Really Born in Papua?


Hip-Hop Really Born in Papua?
Jakarta A chatter with all evidentiary done choreographer Jecko Siompo. With a loud and bold Jecko announced that hip-hop dance was born in Papua, Indonesia. Really?
Arguments about the origin of Papua as a hip-hop culture through dance performances poured Jecko 'We Came From The East' at the Goethe Haus, Menteng, Monday (12/04/2011). Dances played by the 10 'men' Jecko arguably not public.
As a choreographer, Jecko trying to think logically and relaxed about the base - the beginning - the movement of hip-hop today. Call it, like a jumping motion, robot style, break dancing and others. As a result, Jecko went back to antiquity in Papua.
Hard to describe, these 10 dancers move as if carelessly. There is a movement to walk bent over, walking with hands, jump and crawl. Jecko jebolan Jakarta Art Institute of dance movement called the 'animal pop'.
Movements adopted Jecko and 10 dancers come from the movement or behavior of animals. From kangaroos, chickens, seals, monkeys, up to a dog. The dance continued for 1 hour to meet a modern hip-hop dance.
After the performances, meet former jury detikhot event 'Lets Dance' on Global TV. In his busy receiving congratulations and requests from the audience with my photos, Jecko explains, the stage of 'We Came From The East' is actually a thesis that he has made as a condition of graduation S2 Hip-Hop Dance studies in Portland, Maine, USA.
"Actually the root in Indonesia that the principle of street dance that already exist, like the children playing on the floor. After all hip-hop that's been habits of people of Java, Sumatra, Bali and so on. Kayak raking motion with the bow, away chicken , that was the basis of hip-hop movement. Well in America or in New York was only just developing, "said actor Hanuman in the film" Opera Java 'by Garin Nugroho it.
According Jecko, should hip-hop could be developed in Indonesia. However, it does not happen because of lack of technological development.
"So the dance movements in Papua still like that's it. For example, DJ Box, it will be inspired from Betawi fiddle (stringed instrument), there is now growing use of hands," Jecko give an example.
All these arguments once questioned by friends Jecko abroad. What evidence of hip-hop was born in Papua? "Hip-hop was born in Papua. You do not have to believe me? But my great-grandmother toll me," so the answer Jecko. "So if you do not believe, ask to my ancestors," he added half-jokingly.
Regardless of whether hip-hop was born in Papua it was just an anecdote or "scientific", through dance Jecko wanted to convey a spirit of oriental. According to him, Indonesia as part of the eastern states, has lost confidence.
"One time my mother in Papua has said, if you want to walk, do not be afraid of the Westerners. Because our sun is felt first, only then Westerners. The sun it rises from the east, in whatever we are one step ahead. Why do we left behind at the moment? " Jecko said.
Oriental spirit embodied in the dance repertoire of 'We Came From The East' that will be staged around the world Jecko: Berlin (April 20 to 22), the Singapore Dance Festival (August 19 to 20) and at the Melbourne International Arts Festival (October 19 to 22)

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