Thursday, January 27, 2011

Agnes held US Producer

Agnes held US  Producer
Grab boyfriend accused personThursday, January 27, 2011, 03:46:00 AM
[SRN] Dogs bark, the caravan passes. That proverb to describe the attitude that buffeted by Agnetha Faltskog gossip seize boyfriend. Hit gossip, Agnes precisely the performance achievement.
Two days ago, Agnes noisy sitcom actress girlfriend was reported seized Sheza Idris. Because of that, Sheza relationship with her boyfriend, a member of TNI, named Abu Bastian so messy.
The news comes after photographs of Agnes Monica and Abu Bastian spread through cyberspace. Sheza has denied saying the name of Agnes in the third person so that he dropped out. Abu Bastian also mentioned, Agnes just friends. But, is already spreading gossip.
"Yes Bisa2nya org fitnah2 casually casually. Original ... very sad ... Ga-rich dituduh2 bgt so delicious, "wrote Agnes, in her account Twiter @ agnezmo on Tuesday (26 / 1). "Really weird org, org accuses carelessly hurt," he wrote a few minutes later.
Another rumor, Agnes reportedly having an affair with Daniel Mananta. Problem is, Agnes explains only a friend.
"He's a friend of me. I asked him about the many boutiques. I had always been a plan would open the clothing line. But, it is still long, I was again the focus of this February, "he said.
Rather than thinking about the gossip that is not clear, Agnes would focus on his profession as a singer. On 2 February, Agnes will fly to America to prepare for her latest single is produced by one producer who had to handle Britney Spears. The single fruit Agnes involvement in the arena of American Music Awards, some time ago.
"The plan for two months I was there for recording. I'm really excited and this is still a secret, "said this former child actress when found in Jakarta, yesterday.
New York is a city designated this Let chanter. But before heading to New York, Agnes first complete some work in Jakarta such as shooting new ads and video clips.
"I got a hard time breathing because of a lot to be done. But I'm happy really. I hope this step to be able to penetrate the U.S., "said Agnes.

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