Monday, January 24, 2011

Crop Circle Not UFO Work

 "UFO's does not exist in science. There is no scientific proof of the existence of UFOs." 
 Monday, January 24, 2011, 08:27 GMT 

crop circle (plus.maths)
[SRN] The mysterious phenomenon occurred in Sleman, Yogyakarta. In a rice field flanked by three hills, formed a circle simeteris in rice fields or also called crop circles.
There are linking this incident with the weather, which lately frequent rain and high winds. In fact, there is also a connecting-connecting with a UFO (Unidentified flying object) - marker of the presence of aliens to Earth.
Astronomers from the National Aeronautics and Space Institute (LAPAN) Thomas Djamaluddin said, it's doubtful the phenomenon is something to do with UFOs. Even impossible.
Because, "UFOs in science does not exist. There is no scientific proof of the existence of UFOs. It may be caused UFO crop circles, because UFOs do not exist," said research professor that when contacted, Monday, January 24, 2011.
The same phenomenon in many countries, added Thomas, proved that crop circles are man-made engineering. "The goal all kinds, there are works of art, commercial, and others."
Although the resulting pattern looks complicated and difficult, in fact many people who make it. "There are certain tricks to make a circle, or a particular line."
The notion that crop circles are man-made reinforced the fact that the pattern appears in a quiet area of rice fields, flanked by three hills. "Maybe the idea for the artwork can be seen from the hill," he added.
Problem allegations because of natural phenomena, Thomas said it was impossible. Therefore, there is a pattern that looks neat. "It is impossible because the tornado, because of natural factors. Allegations relating SUTET also without merit because there is no reason the process of electromagnetic forming such a thing."
Earlier, police confirmed the emergence of Yogyakarta Special Region mysterious symbol.
"We did receive reports from the public the existence of the phenomenon. Also, many people around who are curious and watch the rice fields that form the symbol directly as a UFO," said Chief of Police Public Relations DIY, Anny AKBP Pujiastuti, when contacted .
Several officers from the police have to check, but according to him, not yet certain what causes the phenomenon. "The officer just checked it and just in case. However, it can not ascertain the origin of that phenomenon," he said.

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