Saturday, January 22, 2011

Austrian police chase 'Barack Obama'

Austrian police chase 'Barack Obama'
Mask of Barrack Obama

[SRN] Austria police hunt gunman who rob banks wearing masks of President Barack Obama's rubber-faced. The man dubbed as the "Marauder Obama"was in action at the City Handenberg and has menyatroni many banks since 2008.

Rob techniques have not changed. What is different is the car he used to escape. The robber appeared wearing a mask just before the bank closed, complete with gun, and a backpack.

Reported, 'Obama' has purloin U.S. $ 130 thousand, approximately Rp1, 2 billion, in Handenberg. Results biggest robberies so far is U.S. $ 52 thousand in July 2009.

Police suspect he robbed the first time in November 2008 in Weilbach, the second in May after it in Reichersberg. In July 2009, he was robbed in the town of Maria Schmolln.

Each time the act, the robber wore a mask parents. But since December 2009, he began wearing a mask of Obama.

CCTV footage of robbery at the show 'Mr. Obama 'entered the bank wearing a baseball cap and brandishing a gun to a bank employee who was standing next to the cash register, and robbed him.

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