Thursday, January 20, 2011

Easy Online Shopping In Prison

Easy Online Shopping In Prison 
The online store goods orders prison receive an average of 180 items per day.
Thursday, January 20, 2011, 06:37 GMT
[SRN] Although body confined in prison, inmates of Moscow at least, can eat their favorite chocolate and fruit more often. Moscow city jail is now opening a store in the network (online) that can be ordered direct friends and family and ushered in the cell.
In an interview with the Russian government's news agency Itar Tass, the Head of Russia's Federal Prison in Moscow, Viktor Dezhurov said the prison is very popular online store since it was introduced in December 2010. The online store goods orders prison receive an average of 180 items per day.
"Family or friends visiting inmates to our site and order goods. We will be sending it to the cells within three days," he said as quoted NZherald Dezhurov. This online store service was launched ahead of the commemoration 240 years in prison in Moscow.
In addition to various food products, selling goods including nine species of fresh fruits and various kinds of cheese. There is also a copy of the Bible, the Quran for prisoners in isolation. Stores also provide 21 types of cigarettes, but according to the site, do not sell alcoholic beverages.
In its website, claiming jail booking online store via the virtual world will save time and money. Each year, approximately 30 thousand prisoners languishing in jail in Moscow. After this success, the Russian federal government plans to expand online stores throughout the Russian prison.

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