Monday, January 31, 2011

Egypt in turmoil.

Egypt in turmoil
Sun Jan 30, 7:31 PM ET
Egyptian opposition leader Mohamed ElBaradei ...

Following a Tunisian who was deposed President Ben Ali, will Hosni Mubarak following the collapse?
Some media and political observers, said a matter of time, and not only Egypt that would follow, many countries which stores conflict Yemen, Libya and so on. The country is an example of sustainable practice the authoritarian regime. 

So many losses caused by this upheaval, not only for the government which overturned but also the general public who do not
have power at all, but all hope in the not too long term all the corrupt state system will improve himself for the welfare of its people. Indonesia has experienced that before year 1998, where President Suharto, who ruled for three decades has fallen deposed students who at that time supported by a lot of people power. It is not easy to building  a democratic country, in fact Indonesia is already nearly 10 yr implement full democracy is still lack of perfectness. There are still many only a slogan. The bureaucracy which had many corrupt not easy to cut just like that, because it was rooted to the bottom level. If all can not wait, all of them there is no benefit after a dictator even if dropped.

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