Saturday, January 15, 2011

President of Argentina Robbed

The robber managed to steal money worth 68 thousand U.S. dollars and 17 thousand euros of Argentine President Cristina Fernandez on Thursday (13 / 1). The money is planned to finance some Fernandez officials who flew in state duties to the Middle East.
Local media on Friday (14 / 1) say, armed robbers managed to force the presidential staff in the backpacks handed money back from the bank. Once successful, the perpetrator then fled as fast as lightning on a motorcycle.
Envoy of President Fernandez to take cash for a trip to Turkey, Qatar and Kuwait. Money was prepared to finance the cost of officials who accompanied the president SANF.
"(Robbery) happened yesterday and it has been reported to the police," said government spokesman Alfred Scoccimarro.
Alfredo admitted robbery incident comes amid spiraling crime in the City of Tango. Perpetrators of most uses of the vehicle. In many cases, the robbers targeted recently left the bank and carry large amounts of cash.
Argentina Residents also have been very annoyed with the increasingly high level of crime in his country. March 2009, about 10 thousand people rallied in the Argentine capital, Buenos Aires, in search of community support.
Protesters proposed reinstatement of the death penalty which has not been used since 1984. At that time, the new Argentine military regime ended 7 years. A total of 30 thousand people were killed in this period.
Some organizations use a lot of media to state security campaign, including the Internet. They claim to have the support of 106 thousand people through Facebook.
Meanwhile, Argentina's President Cristina Fernandez criticized for not focusing handle crime. Justice Minister defended himself by saying, efforts by the government has placed Argentina as a nation with the lowest murder rates. [RM]

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