Monday, January 17, 2011

SBY Lying

SBY Lying 
October 2010, the President promised to remove the Presidential Budget savings. Where Inpres?

In October 2010, President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono issued a presidential instruction will launch a matter of saving the budget for the State Budget 2011. And until January 16, 2011, until the state budget in 2011 came out, Indonesian Forum for Budget Transparency (Fitra) states that Presidential Directive never existed.
"Until now, the President still has not broken a promise with the issuance of Presidential Instruction budget savings," said Yuna Farhan, the Secretary-General Fitra, in a press release titled "Budget savings Lies" received, Monday, January 17, 2011.
According Fitra, if the President seriously save budget includes expenditures for official travel, should be savings from the budget is prepared. Thus, the budget could be reallocated to programs that are more useful for people's welfare. "Saving the budget when the budget has been set, will be the budget is not absorbed, so that the function of the state budget to be not optimal," said Yuna.
In addition to not issue a Presidential Directive which promised that, Fitra also suspect the government's foreign travel expenditures also rose in fiscal year 2011. Originally, the design (state budget 2011) Rp20, 9 trillion, to Rp24, 5 billion or nearly five times the budget of the Public Health Security 2011 at Rp5, 6 trillion. Ironically, spending on health function is decreasing, from Rp19, 8 trillion in the Revised Budget (Budget Amendment) 2010 to Rp13, 6 trillion in APBN 2011.
"No wonder, shopping trips are usually described in the nomenclature of goods expenditures, the budget document Basic Data, 2011, no longer described (included). Apparently, to avoid public criticism over bloated travel spending, government spending would cover this trip," said Yuna.
Shopping trips, said Yuna, is spending continues to swell each year. In the 2009 Budget, for example, the allocation of travel expenditures Rp2, 9 trillion, but jumped on Revised Budget 2009 to Rp12, 7 trillion, even swelled to Rp15, 2 trillion in their realization. The same thing happened in the year 2010, the State Budget the Government set a Rp16, 2 trillion, in the state budget ballooned to Rp19, 5 billion.
Therefore, Fitra asked the President to immediately fulfill a promise to issue a Presidential Directive budget savings. Then, the government cut spending on business travel half Revised Budget 2010 and the third, ordered all ministries and agencies to open DIPA (Budget Implementation Entry List) on each page, so the public can monitor the savings made. [VIVAnews]

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