Saturday, April 30, 2011

Obama's father Harvad Expelled, Because Playboy?

Obama's father Harvad Expelled, Because Playboy?Obama senior was forced to leave Harvard before completing his doctoral program.An immigration records reveals that the father of the President of the United States, Barack Hussein Obama Sr., Forced to leave Harvard University, before completing his doctoral program in economics.
Is a Boston Globe reporter who received the documents under the Freedom of Information Act. However, the story of the expulsion of the newly revealed to the public this week. Obama's father was not expelled because he is stupid, but because of two things: financial problems and his personal life.
This document reveals the Harvard asked the Immigration and Naturalisation Service (INS) to not grant the request of Obama Senior to extend their stay in the U.S.. "Until they decide what will they take to get rid of it," writes an immigration officer, MF McKeon in a memo written in June 1964.
Parties Harvard, wrote the memo that, "admitted having difficulties because of his inability to manage finances. And apparently can not be sure how many wives he had."
As a senior Obama get into Harvard, it's flashy university was facing financial problems to finance the study of international graduate students.
Another problem is the senior Obama's personal life is alarming. According to INS documents, in 1969 when he was in college at the University of Hawaii S1, advises for foreign students to report to the department of immigration that Obama senior was married to Stanley Ann Dunham, mother of President Obama. In fact, he already has a wife in Kenya.
To the adviser, Obama admitted that he had divorced his old wife. The same confession he gave to Ann Dunham, though eventually found out, it was a lie.
According to a memo written by an INS officer in Honolulu, Obama's senior "dating with several girls since his arrival in the summer of last year and he (counsel) has warned about his playboy behavior."
In the previous INS memo, also from McKeon, said that while Obama senior had completed his examination and the right to stay to finish his thesis, Harvard continued to try "to remove it,"
"They plan to say, no more money to be given to him, and that he better go back to Kenya and prepare a thesis in there," said the memo was written.
The contents of the memo is proven. In a letter dated May 1964, Harvard's director of international student affairs, David D. Henry said, although he had studied at the Department of Economics at the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences, a senior Obama did not have the money to support it. "We came to the conclusion that you must end your stay in the U.S. and returned to Kenya to do research and writing your thesis," the letter said.
Obama senior resident then extended by the INS rejected. He then left Harvard and divorced from the mother of the president. In July 1964 he returned to Kenya, without completing his Ph.D. degree.
Furthermore, the senior Obama worked on an oil company and a government economist. He died in a car accident in 1982, when Obama, the president in the future, 21-year-old and a student at Columbia University.
Confirmed, said Harvard did not find catataan that supports the content of INS memo. Meanwhile, a spokesman for the Department of Homeland Security, Matt Chandler declined to comment about that.

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