Monday, May 9, 2011

2050, Bali Threatened Drowning

2050, Bali Threatened Drowning Rising sea levels caused by climate change threaten the existence of the island of Bali that only an area of ​​5634.40 hectares.
The first sink is the island of Nusa Penida, Klungkung. The existence of this island is threatened given special attention in the climate change conference or the United Nations Climate Change Conference (UNFCCC) held in 2007 in Bali.
"Yes, the island of Nusa Penida is the island's most vulnerable to climate change in Bali. Recommendation UNFCCC 2007, the island was used as a pilot project. Help flushed much there," said the head of the Office of Public Works of Bali, Dewa Punia Asa to .
Prediction of Foundation Director of Vishnu, I Made Suarnatha even more terrifying. Not only that threatened Nusa Penida, Bali but as a whole. If not anticipated, the disaster will come in 2050. "At that time, sea water rose 4 feet. So not only Nusa Penida, Sanur, Denpasar and Bali as a whole must have drowned," he said when contacted VIVAnews, Sunday, May 8, 2011.
It is said, upon the recommendation of climate change meeting, the Government of Bali has a commitment to publish the results of the follow-related gelontoran pilot project on Nusa Penida. Only, I Made Suarnatha not know the exact program that the Government of Bali. "No report was made public. So we do not know what has been done, how the progress and how to mitigate potential climate change in Nusa Penida," he said.
Meanwhile, the Balinese did not stay silent. There is a campaign of international Nyepi (world silent day) are intensively conducted an environmental activist since the past few years. In addition, the adoption of local wisdom for internationally recognized continuously voiced in a way appropriate to raise the signature requirements of the United Nations. "From the results of the meeting was also a Bali Map, which is the international map of Bali to combat climate change," he explained.
"Since Bali has done something, then the government and the big powers should not sit on my hands. Simply put, if you love Bali, then do something," she insisted.
To find out more details about these threats, he asked the government to consistently fight for world silent day for adoption into national and international policy. In addition, he also asked the provincial government of Bali to account for it by giving a formal report related to climate change mitigation measures that have been done. "That's all that should be done first. If successful, although only adds time, but we've done a lot and very meaningful to Bali, Indonesia and internationally," he said.
"We wait for the government and the international commitment to combat carbon dioxide cause climate change," he continued.
In addition to Nusa Penida, a number of other islands in Indonesia have also threatened to stay the name. Among Bangka Belitung, Riau Islands, the island of Solor in NTT, Wetar Island, Obi, and Kai on Gag Island in Maluku and Papua.
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