Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The New Playboy's Boss Girlfriend

Hugh Hefner has announced he has a new lover.

Hugh Hefner & Shera Bechard (US Magazine)
Failed to get married does not mean the world ends. Maybe that's perceived Playboy boss Hugh Hefner. Got hurt because dumped the bride before the wedding does not make Hefner trauma to re-establish love with a young woman. He has found a new lover.

At first, she reportedly named Anna Sophia Burgland. Hefner introduces the blond woman as his latest woman. However, it turns out, only assume Anna Hefner as a close friend.

Two weeks passed, he introduced a new woman in his life. Young woman who also was known named Shera Bechard. Bechard then Hefner proclaimed as her new lover. This was disclosed by Hefner's personal twitter account.

"He is my new girlfriend," Hefner wrote on twitter as quoted from UsMagazine, Tuesday, June 28, 2011.

According to the site owned by Bechard, sexy bodied woman was coming from Canada. He enjoys traveling. Bechard and dreams of having a house is large and spacious.

Hearing Hefner has found a new dream woman in his life, his former fiancee, Crystal Harris was upset and jealous. He also poured those feelings in a twitter.

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