Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Chill Snake Very Dangerous!

Snake Chili, just as small but very venomous worm
This snake who actually is all around us, even in lbig city jg there are many snakes.It's name chili because of its size & little man who lived underground, sometime unvisible in our surrounding.
Family: ELAPIDAEScientific name: Maticora intestinalCharacteristics: Back in black, along the body banded yellow / orange and forked in the head, abdomen colored black and white striped, red-tail, the maximum length of 50 cmcanine type: Proteroglypha, located on the front of the upper jaw. Permanent and relatively shortcould type: neurotoxin, damaging the nerve cells so that individuals who develop respiratory snake venom is not able to take oxygen for cell snake chili, Ulo lattice, ula kawek, Ulo iron, ground snake, worm snake, blind snakehabitat deployment: Java, Sumatra, Kalimantan, southern Thailand, Malay Peninsula, Singapore and the Philippines.
resultant effect of this snake bites:o Dizzinesso Vomitingo Feeling uncomfortableo Wound swelling (1-2 hours)o Very sleepyo Awareness downo Breath gasping senalo Limbs difficult to activateo It is hard to swallowo Speak clearly lesso Eyes dilatedo Eyelids closed
fatal cases of snake bite chilli:- A little boy a bath after playing the ball back home .His mother  morbidly  bring directly this child to the hospital, thinking that this child's fever biasa.akibatnya experiencing shortness of breath & body turned blue, and when taken to the hospital the next morning, his life is not help.Dokter who claimed the child was exposed to examine the snake venom, when pool balls where the boy was playing last night, drained, it turns out there is a nest of snakes underneath the lattice
- Adults who never bitten by a snake, but instantly retrievable medical treatment & care in 5 days.
This small species has a venom neurotoxin type a very strong and should watch out for snakes though nature does notagresive .Underground habitat, the forests, and sometimes breed in the area of ​​landscaping and forest. underground, and the staple food is eggs, frogs small and other small hewan2.When it feels threatened, this snake turned lower body, which is shows dramatically black and white.
Snake sightings chili (Maticora intestinal)habitat: the area of ​​standing water and muddystaples: small snakes & frogs

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