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Russian Top Model Contest

Russian Top Model Contest

The main Russian musical TV channel started a reality show called Russian Top Model where a group of 34 models stay under the same roof and contest with each other trying to win a modeling contract.

The first round of Russian Top Model Contest is over. Those girls who weren’t able to win the contest last time will get a chance to continue their struggle. 34 girls will be selected during the journey across 11 Russian cities getting a chance to take part in the second round of the contest.

Girls participating in the top model contest can take a lead only if they deserve it. There was a case when a loving, rich and caring mother of a girl willing to become a model was trying to bribe the judges who, however, insisted that only the best girls could win the contest.

The contest took place in 6 Russian cities. The chair was used by journalists while interviewing the girls.

Look at the cute twins.

A girl in blue.

A posing girl.

There were 2 18-year-old girls who looked absolutely alike and naive. Remembering the saying that still waters run deep they were asked about the most awful action they performed in their lives. One of the girls responded that she failed to throw garbage into the garbage can from time to time. And that was her worst sin… The other one started speaking about her numerous love affairs and those men whom she damped. Quite different approaches.

There were 2 amazing things about Kazan. A long line of people were waiting to see 5D interactive attraction which lasted 3 minutes.

How do you like the hipsters driving a coach? What a mixture of the two centuries (18+21)!

A homeless person approached a beautiful girl in a shop and announced that a close friend of his who is waiting on the street is willing to meet her. As the girl wasn’t an admirer of tramps she laughed out loudly and left full of contempt. But the thing was that the homeless person was paid by a handsome and well-dressed young man in the street who liked the girl and wanted to see her attitude to people…

The audition in Kazan wasn’t that successful.

Due to a high number of underage girls available not many participants were selected.

Besides, some girls weren’t able to pass the interview.

One of them was showing a split tongue instead of introducing herself saying that it was better to have two tongues than one.

There were girls who took care of legless hamsters, best shooters of the city, and even those who managed to overcome ICP and become successful models.

By the way, the international university games of 2013 will be held in Kazan. The mission of the Kazan Universiade is to gather young athletes from all over the world in the city of unique multiethnic heritage.

Next town was Samara. ‘Russian Top Model, part 2. Casting held by MuzTV ‘

The girls were trying to show that they are nice, kind and free of hypocrisy.

Another contestant with semi-shave head.

Amazing dances.

A Warning to the go-go girls: ‘Penalties: arriving late – 1500 RUB (about 50USD), failed attendance – 5000 RUB (about 168USD), inability to follow the schedule – 500 RUB (about 17USD), negligent appearance – 3000 RUB (about 100USD), mess in a dressing room – 500 RUB (about 17USD, information disclosure – 10 000 RUB (about 335USD) , drunkenness – 5000 RUB (about 168USD)’

A caricature drawn by one of the girls.

The next part of the contest took place in Yekaterinburg. ‘Russian Top Model Contest in Yekaterinburg for girls from 18 to 27 years old’.

Some stories told were funny enough. One girl was a deputy’s assistant collecting complaints from the citizens. An old lady complained of bad smell in her house. Later it was found out that her house was never ventilated. Moreover, she lived with a dog who was wrapped in a bed sheet, never taken out and eased itself right in the house. What bad smell was the old lady talking about?

The participants are ready to lose weight. One girl, for example, lost 35 kg and was ready to get rid of 15 other kg by the next stage of the contest.

One girl was sure that she could see aura and was capable of astral projection and astral travel.

Another participant was very proud to be born on the same day with the great Russian poet Alexander Pushkin in spite of the fact she was born on June 5 instead of June 6. After that she started citing a poem which was written not by Pushkin but by Lermontov hoping that no one will not notice the mistake.

The girls are so eager to participate in the contest that promise to dump their jobs, studies and boyfriends in the event of success.

Interviews help revealing fates, some of them seem tragic others are funny enough.

The cake was presented to the project sponsors as a gift. ‘We Love MuzTV! Russian Top Model Project Is The Best!’

Another try-out in Tyumen.

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