Saturday, June 11, 2011

Prince Harry love Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz @

Looks like the royal family friendship with the celebrity will be more 'widespread'. One was caused by Prince Harry's friendship is braided with a beautiful actress Cameron Diaz!

Both celebrities are rumored to begin to close after meeting at an exclusive gym in London. Diaz himself was in London to shoot his latest film, GAMBIT. A source also stated that the two quickly familiar, even Harry invited him at a party with her friends.

"From up in the UK, Cameron wanted to be able to continue training and exercise always did. The producer gave him membership in a fitness center and extra plush secret, without knowing that Prince Harry was one of its members,"said the source, as reported by The Mirror .

"At the first meeting, they just greet each other. Accidentally they met again for a second time. At the second meeting, they ran together on the treadmill, and Harry tease Cameron to replace governing a one-kilometer race. Cameron agreed, and won. Since then both become quite close. Harry even invited his new friend this gym for a drink with him and his friends, "he continued. 

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