Saturday, June 11, 2011

Thailand Discover Bacteria E. Coli in the European Col

Thailand Temukan Bakteri E. Coli pada Kol dari Eropa

After avocado, Thai authorities are now detect the bacterium E. coli on vegetable cabbage imported from Europe. Currently being investigated whether the bacteria are derived from the type strain of deadly that killed dozens of people in Germany.

Above findings, the Thai government urged the public not to panic. The reason, the bacteria E. coli consisted of some kind. There are deadly, some are not harmful to health. To ensure these types of strains of bacteria have been audited.

"We need three to five days to examine the bacterial strains, "said Sathaporn Wongcharoen, Director General of the Department of Medical Science Ministry of Public Health of Thailand as reported by AFP on Saturday (06/11/2011).

A few days ago the Thai authorities claim to have discovered the bacteria E. coli in avocado fruit imported from a European country. However, after examination, confirmed that the bacteria are not of the dangerous strain.

At least 30 people have died in Germany from the outbreak of bacteria E. coli. Bacteria killer has also led to more than 2,800 people in at least 14 states became ill. The German government is now convinced that the vegetable sprouts grown locally in northern Germany is the source of the deadly bacterial outbreak.

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