Friday, June 17, 2011

Singapore is the Heaven of Indonesian Corruptors

 Singapura Surga teraman bagi koruptor Indonesia menyelamatkan diri 
Singapore is the Heaven of  Indonesian Corruptors
Singapore Extradition Treaty Ratified Aware When Money Corruptors Indonesia Not So They Can Enjoy
Former Vice President Jusuf Kalla also spoke about a number of people who lodged the legal issues are always chose Singapore as their place to avoid accusations and law enforcement officers. Kalla acknowledged, if Singapore is one of the safest refuge for citizens of Indonesia to hide. Moreover, he continued, the state of Singapore has no extradition treaty.Singapore heaven for corrupt Indonesian safest escape
Singapore heaven for corrupt Indonesian safest escape
"Singapore is the safest, there is no extradition treaty with Indonesia and close and easy communication," Kalla said after attending Warning Bung Karno's speech June 1, 1945 at the House of People's Consultative Assembly on Wednesday (1/06/2011). Therefore, it is no wonder if some people who ran into legal problems in lion country
"Yes everything over there, who are afraid. if fear means there's a problem, "he said. Kalla later said that when he was serving as Vice President 2004-2009, in fact there has been agreement ektradiksi ever discussed with the government of the island nation. However, finalization of the agreement failed because Singaporean government relate it to other agreements. "After that baseball so," he said.
Military HeadquartersJusuf Kalla said that in 2005 the prime minister of Singapore and President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono signed an extradition agreement ever recorded Indonesia-Singapore defense cooperation agreement in Bali. However, the House then refused to ratify it because the defense clause of the agreement will require Indonesia to spot for Singapore to set up military bases in Indonesia.
Reportedly, said Kalla, former defense minister Juwono Sudarsono had mentioned that the former PM of Singapore Lee Kuan Yew as the man behind the failure to finalize the agreement. "Lee Kuan Yew was able to visit Indonesia and meet some of the leaders of political parties in Indonesia at the time the two discussed the agreement," he added.
Therefore it will cancel the extradition treaty, he said, should minimize the departure of the Government of persons considered legally problematic. Every law enforcement agencies should be able to read the pattern of the parties is expected to be problematic. Moreover, he continued, if the reason to go to Singapore for medical affairs.
"Yes that we must be careful to give permission," he said. So far reported, people who are considered problematic and Nazaruddin Nunun Nurbaeti reportedly was in the country. Nunun is alleged suspicion of bribery for the election of Bank Indonesia Senior Deputy Governor Miranda Swaray Goeltom 2004. While Nazaruddin Wisma Athletes caught the alleged bribery.

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