Thursday, June 16, 2011

Furious, Singapore Push Malaysia

Furious, Singapore Push Malaysia
Singapore and Malaysia relations chills. This occurs because of the Malaysian immigration officer punishes two female residents of lion country squats while naked. Singapore was furious.
Singapore's Defense Ministry expressed disappointment over the treatment experienced by its citizens. The two women were detained for 48 hours in Johor Bahru (JB). Merlion country that requires Malaysia to give explanation about this.
Two women, who want to be called as Chang and Lim, told The Straits Times, they were handcuffed. "We were thrown into the back of the bar, forced to undress and perform squats," they confide to the Straits Times.
They claim to be punished like that because it forgot to stamp the passports, they said, the absence of officials at a time when both driving through the lane that connects Singapore and Johor Bahru, no one else in the post immigration officers.
"Our consulate in Johor Bahru have contacted the Immigration of Malaysia to investigate the procedures of investigation and detention of the two Singaporeans who lived it," said Foreign Ministry spokesman in Singapore.
Chang, manager of the insurance industry in their 30s and Lim, a real estate agent 20 years old, met with consular officers on Tuesday (14 / 6), to tell of their suffering.
Story, they will eat a snack in Malaysia last week. Then, they asked the immigration officer, and then taken to a detention center Pineapple Week in Pontian. There they were ordered to menggalkan clothes and do squats (squat-stand sporting many times) each 10 times.
Malaysian Interior Minister Hishammuddin Hussein promised to conduct an investigation into the incident. Hishammuddin said the investigation will involve three agencies: the police, the Ministry of Immigration and detention officials at the depot.
"We want to resolve the case," he said in Kuala Lumpur, yesterday.

The investigation will review standard operating procedures of detention at the checkpoint to determine whether the settlement is legally required.
"They were not humiliated, stripped naked while the officers witnessed only a woman, 'said Johor Baru immigration chief Nasri Ishak. He said the nudity is just a routine procedure to search a suspect. Problems squat, Isaac admitted not according to the procedure.
Criticism of this case comes from the Malaysian opposition party, DAP (Democratic Action Party Malaysia. They say, this is embarrassing and ridiculous case, and can damage the image of Malaysia in the eyes of foreigners.
"Nobody wants to us again about this country. This will affect the image of Malaysia as a tourist destination, "DAP leader Bakri centile Er Teck Hwa.

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