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Three World's Most Expensive Cities in Indonesia

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Three World's Most Expensive Cities in Indonesia
Three cities in Indonesia in the list of expensive cities in the world.
Living in developed countries is to guarantee the availability of facilities for its residents. However, all the facilities available that would require a higher cost of living compared to other countries.
A survey by human resources consultant ECA International, recently revealed the list of most expensive cities in the world. This time the survey was made of 400 cities around the cities in the world.
This survey method uses an indicator of living expenses is viewed from three needs food ingredients such as milk, meat and fish, fresh fruits, and vegetables. Another factor is seen is a basic need such as beverages and tobacco, services and public needs such as clothing, electronic goods, traveling, and eating outside the home.
However, ECA International does not include living expenses such as accommodation, responsive housing needs (electricity, gas and water supply), car purchase and school fees. These costs can certainly make a change in the ranking this time but usually the facility is already provided by the company for the expatriate community.
From the results of a survey made of this, ECA International puts three cities in Indonesia, which entered the city with the world's most expensive living costs. These three cities are Jakarta, Surabaya and Balikpapan.
To the world level, the three big cities is indeed included in the ranks of hundreds of the world. Jakarta recorded in a position to 102, followed by Surabaya was in position 173 and position 187 in the world Balikpapan.
If pursed in a smaller level of Asia, three major cities in Indonesia are included in the list of 40 cities with the most expensive cost of living in Asia. Metropolitan city of Jakarta and even into the 15th position in Asia, up one rank from 16th position the previous year. While Surabaya and Balikpapan each positioned 31 and 34 of the previous position of 31 and 33 in Asia.
Little by comparison, refers to data Statitistik Central Bureau (BPS), Jakarta during 2010 to record the inflation rate reached 6.21 percent. While during the first 5 months of 2011, the rate of inflation recorded in the capital of Indonesia reached 1.49 percent.
Meanwhile, for the city of Surabaya, Connecticut recorded an increase in prices of goods and services (inflation) during the year 2010 reached 7.83 percent. Higher than in Jakarta. While the period January to May 2011 recorded the inflation rate reached 1.1 percent Surabaya.
Pontianak alone recorded inflation of 7.38 percent and by 2011 this had increased prices of goods and services has reached 3.11 percent.
For information, inflation is an indicator that shows the rising prices of goods and services in general where the goods and services is a basic need of society. Inflation can also show decline in selling power of a country's currency.
Inflation in Indonesia is measured by calculating the percentage change in a price index such as consumer price index (CPI) which measures the average prices of certain goods purchased by consumers and the cost of living index.
Another factor that counts is the producer price index which measures the average price of goods that required manufacturers to make the process of production, commodity price index which measures the prices of certain commodities, and the price index of capital goods.

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