Sunday, June 19, 2011

TKI beheaded

TKI beheaded
SBY Embarrassing, Just Fill Speech Lies

Perempuan Arab Saudi dibelakang kemudi (Foto: AP)
President received a standing applause during a speech in the trial the International Labour Organization (ILO) in Switzerland (Tuesday, 14 / 6). At that time, Yudhoyono spoke about the protection of domestic servants (PRT) Indonesian migrant.

Unfortunately, less than a week (Saturday, 18 / 6), the government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia memanggal head of an Indonesian domestic worker, Ruyati Sapubi bint.

"This proves SBY speech contains lies. Just a week's speech at the ILO including the matter of commitment to migrant domestic workers and those in the country, there are already people who beheaded in the land," said a member of the House of Representatives Commission IX of the PDI-P faction, Rieke Diah Pitaloka, Rakyat Merdeka Online to a moment ago (Sunday, 19 / 6).

The court verdicts related to Saudi Arabia, which states that Ruyati guilty of killing her employer, Rieke Yudhoyono urged the government to immediately trace it clearly. Because often the case, the act of killing the victim's employer is a form of resistance against the violence that happened to him.

SBY Rirke also urged the government to immediately announce a list of migrant workers in Saudi Arabia, Malaysia and other countries who are waiting for a death sentence.

"Case in Sumiyati that there is no sanction for the employer, or the case in Malaysia Siti Hajar. When the employer's appeal, it has yet to receive a sanction. Meanwhile, if the Indonesian migrant workers is certainly problematic to the maximum sanctions. The case of friendly fire terhada three Madurese migrants in Malaysia also, until now at the ice-chest. Shame on you Mr. SBY! Speech death for the people of Indonesia!, "said Rieke.

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