Monday, June 20, 2011

President of Indonesia failed to buy a plane, free the workers in saudi

President of Indonesia failed to buy a plane, free the workers in Saudi
The government considered a waste of people's tax money by buying a state plane. In fact, hundreds of billions of money can be used to free a migrant worker from the blade of a knife beheaded.
According to analysts of public policy Migrant Care, Wahyu Susilo, to VIVAnews, Monday, June 20, 2011, the government of President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono is too excessive. According to him, rather than buy a better plane to relieve the state budget set aside Darsem bint Dawud Fresh, TKW be convicted of murder.
Darsem been sentenced to death by a judge in Saudi Arabia. He eventually escaped from the execution of a chance after receiving an apology from the victim's family. However, he must pay off the payment of compensation (diyat), as required by the victims' families, not later than July 7, 2011.
"Rather than to pay the president's plane, better pay compensation Darsem. Lebay our President too, if you have this situation so tense," said Wahyu.
The government has reportedly bought the aircraft type Jet 2 Boeing 737-800 NG series is scheduled to arrive in Indonesia late 2013 or later. To bring these planes, the government budget to spend for Rp494miliar. Funds amounting to Rp200 billion in the 2011 state budget was allocated for payment of advance aircraft.
This extraordinary fund is much larger than the diyat Darsem Rp4, 6 billion. If until July 7 that money does not reach the hands of the victim's family, then certainly the same boat with Ruyati Darsem bint Satubi executed last Saturday.
"Yet even this second Darsem could be released. Simply take only Rp 4, 7 billion from the state budget. The money was just 0.0 of a percentage of government funds," said Wahyu.
The Government of Indonesia through the Embassy to raise funds for Darsem through generous donations from abroad. As of last March, there have been generous in Saudi Arabia who donate Rp2, 2 billion. Donations from outside the country, according to Revelation is a shame because the state should protect its citizens.
"We're like a beggar state, he said even Jumhur (head BNP2TKI) will hold a fund-raiser for Darsem," said Wahyu.[vivanews/SRN]

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