Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Indonesia Corruption Handle Not Serious

  United States criticized the handling of corruption in Indonesia. U.S. Ambassador to Indonesia, Scot Marciel, Indonesia seemed indifferent judge in the action against the criminals who cost the country billions and even trillions of rupiah.
"Indonesia does not take seriously the problem of corruption, although this may hinder the development of democracy," says Marciel told a news conference the Association of Southeast Asian Partnership-United States at the Ritz-Carlton, Mega Kuningan, South Jakarta, Wednesday, July 20, 2011.
Weak handling of corruption in Indonesia, said Marciel, seen in many official corruption that roam freely. "Corruption is not something that can be treated quickly. But that does not mean there is no firm action against corruption, "he added.
Combating corruption, said Marciel, is one indicator of the success of democracy in a country. Other indicators, he said, can be seen from the enforcement of human rights and women's representation in parliament.
In terms of human rights enforcement, the U.S. believes Indonesia is pretty good achievement. But the great achievement was judged a little disturbed by the act of some civic organizations that often provoke a row with the name of religion.
"In a democratic system, there will be interference from extremist groups. Even in Indonesia the Interfaith beragamanya high tolerance though, we still see any violence, "said Deputy Secretary of State, Maria Otero, who also attended the press conference.
Otero said the Indonesian government needs to act decisively in dealing with such offenses. "If there is to do mischief, the perpetrators should be arrested and interrogated, and then prosecuted. If it is found guilty, they should be punished accordingly so that the situation can be controlled, "said Otero.
While in terms of women representation in parliament, the U.S. saw an increase in the quantity of women legislators in Indonesia, although the numbers have not seen too much. "Indonesia has a significant number of women in the membership of parliament, but the amount has not reached 50 percent," says Marciel.

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