Saturday, July 30, 2011

Luxury Lifestyle, Collision Between Sport Car

 Tabrakan Antara Mobil Mewah Jadi Gaya HidupSo Collision Between Car Luxury Lifestyle

The collision between a car so luxurious lifestyle of women in Monte Carlo, Monaco. He crashed his luxury sedan to destroy four other nice cars around the Place du Casino, the world's top gambling area in Monaco on Thursday (28 / 7).

This accident cost me about Rp 15 billion. "You might not find an accident like this anywhere else in the world," said Ruud Poot, Autogespot reporters.

Because the fifth car is a product of the world's top. Sedan owned by the young woman is a Bentley Azure for around Rp 5 billion. Sedan which was hit by a Mercedes S-Class (USD 2 billion), Ferrari F-430 (USD 3 billion), Aston Martin Rapide (USD 3 billion), and the Porsche 911 (USD 2 billion). Consequently, this accident became a spectacle for tourists there. They also photographed this rare event. [rm]

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