Wednesday, August 3, 2011

This Man Has Been Drinking His Wife Blood For Three Years

This man has been drinking his wife blood for three years.
The husband started the action 'vampire'  since the honeymoon period.
The incident of Deepa Ahirwar, not part of a horror movie scenes. These young women disclose the violence they experienced during the marriage, the husband drank his blood regularly for three years.

Deepa, now 22, married to a peasant worker, Mahesh Ahirwar, in a village in Shikarpura, Madya Pradesh, India in 2007. However, instead of getting the protection and affection, Deepa experienced a terrifying experience in the household.

As quoted by the Times of India, Deepa reveal, her bizarre treatment started when they were still in the honeymoon period. "He took blood from my arm with a syringe, put it in a glass, then drink it. He did it regularly for three years and threatened me if revealed to anyone."

Only a few months after marriage, Mahesh began drinking the blood of his wife and did not stop even if the wife is pregnant. However, after their son was born early last year, Deepa protesting her husband's behavior. He also received physical violence.

Unbeknownst to her husband last July, he slipped out of the house with her baby and told everything to his father. Then, the case was reported to police Patera. However, officials said the case was rejected because the jurisdiction of Police stations Hindoriya.

Hindoriya At the police station, he was directed to the counseling of women, but the case was registered. However, the intervention population Shikapura eventually create physical abuse cases are dealt with police. 

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