Thursday, August 4, 2011

Fasting Can Help Life Expectancy

Selian manfaat jasmani puasa juga memberikan pelajaran sosial kepedulian dengan sesama
Fasting Can Help  Life Expectancy
Fasting, in addition to the obligation for Muslims, also of the science of medicine, fasting could actually provide some health benefits for the body. According to Dr. Siti Setiati SpPD, a specialist in internal medicine from the Division of Geriatric Medicine Department, Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia is relatively (Faculty of medicine), with fasting, the number of calories the food we eat will usually be reduced.Selian physical benefits of fasting also gave lessons to fellow social care
Selian physical benefits of fasting also gave lessons to fellow social care
"Restricting the amount of food calories is one way that has been shown to slow aging. And prevent diseases that often occur in the elderly and cancer, "said siti Setiati on Wednesday (07/27/2011) and then, in Jakarta. When fasting, will generally be a reduction in the number of calories diasup up to 10-40 percent of daily needs. The results of research on animals has shown, by reducing the number of calories it can prolong life expectancy, lower risk of cancer, prevent the development of diseases such as diabetes and kidney.
"Research in humans has also been there. And the result, reduced body fat composition, improved blood pressure, decreased cholesterol, reduced risk of diabetes, and can slow the aging process, "he said. Siti said the variety of research and literature has indeed shown the benefits of fasting for health.
However, one certainly would not directly feel the usefulness, if only the fasting month. "It's certainly not the fast that only one month only. But should continue to be done in the following months, "he explained. Benefits restriction (restriction) calories, continued Siti, also affect heart health. Calorie restriction, is believed to be a stronger heart pumping and makes a person not easily tired after activity or exercise.

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