Monday, October 31, 2011

CBU Honda Cars Stock Running Low

CBU Honda Cars Stock Running LowBecause Flash Flood in Thailand

 Flash floods in Thailand is quite worried about the automotive market in Indonesia. Stock Car Completely Built-up (CBU) imported from Honda's White Elephant country began to erode.
Posts CBU cars like Honda City, Civic and Accord of Thailand suspended. "It is the third product is still the belle of Honda car sales in Indonesia, but we still have stock to meet the national market," said Director of Marketing and Sales Service PT Honda Prospect Motor (HPM), Jonfis Fandy in Jakarta, Friday (28/10 ).
Honda factory in the country had closed a few days and expected to return to normal operation. Jonfis Fandy rate, this phenomenon makes Honda's production continues to decline.
Even so, it is still producing cars with restricted stock. "In Indonesia, we are still producing. Indeed, there is the impact so that the productivity decline. Even the shifting of production from two shifts to one shift, "he said.
Because the demand for Honda cars for the Asian region including Indonesia quite a lot. To meet all these demands, he said, in the near future Honda will begin producing as usual.
"There is no certainty when operating, will open in Thailand. Floods still happening, "said Jonfis.
He hopes, disasters in the country to end the White Elephant and Thai automobile factory can resume activities. Honda Produksi dapat boosted again, especially catch-volume production.
Meanwhile, Honda Malaysia Sdn Bhd to temporarily forced to stop production of its plant in Pagoh, Melaka, Malaysia for the supply of spare parts imported from Thailand thinning.
Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Honda Malaysia Sdn Bhd, Yoichiro Ueno said the floods had caused the factory closed in the production chain, including the Honda Automobile (Thailand) Co. Ltd. and other major supplier of parts for Honda Malaysia.
He mengatakanperusahaan was making every effort to restore production in Malaysia as soon as possible.
"Honda apologize for the delay in delivery and customer understanding consumers expect. Company still trying to restore production in Malaysia as soon as possible, "he said as quoted by Malaysian news agency, Bernama.
He further said, CBU models like the Insight, Stream and Freed, is not affected, except for the Jazz are imported from Thailand.
Honda Manufacturing in Malaysia continue to monitor the situation and continue to restore the supply of spare parts. "Honda Malaysia is studying the possibility of taking the supply of spare parts from other countries to return to normal production in Thailand," he said.
Honda Malaysia will continue to provide information about factory conditions and bring good to the customer immediately. Asian Honda Motor Co. Ltd. recently donated 100 million baht for Thai Red Cross to help flood victims in Thailand. [Rm]

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