Sunday, October 23, 2011

Great Wall of China Threatened collapse

Great Wall of China Threatened collapseMining in the vicinity of the wall of China led to an unstable foundation. One of the seven wonders of the world, the Great Wall of China, is currently threatened with collapse due to rampant mining activities in the vicinity. Tragically, in addition carried out illegally, mining in the surrounding wall has a length of 6400 kilometers and across the 11 provinces of China were also carried out legally.
As quoted from page Reuters on Saturday, October 22, 2011, the longest wall ever made man is threatened with collapse. One part of the wall in the village Laiyuan, Hebei Province, 200 kilometers southwest of Beijing. Wall that passes through this village is located far from the places most frequently visited tourist attractions like near Beijing.
In the village Laiyuan, now there are dozens of small mines. The distance is only 100 meters from the wall was a solid wall. The miners digging around to find copper, iron, and nickel. As a result of these activities, the stability of the wall that has been aged for centuries to be disturbed.
"Because many of these miners have official permission, then the conservation can not do anything," said Vice Chairman of Great Wall Society, Dong Yaohui.
According to Dong Yaohui, official permission was issued by the bureau mining of mineral resources of local governments (Laiyuan) without consulting with the Ministry of Cultural Heritage. In addition, the permit was issued without considering the existence of Chinese walls that have brought millions of tourists every year.
During this time, the Bureau of Mineral Resources Laiyuan mining quibble is only caused little damage. They actually accused of illegal miners who destroy the area. In addition, they claimed that the damage can be repaired with repair funds are disbursed each year.
"The main problem is not money, but simply issued a regulation that says to the mining excavation can not be done within a certain radius around the great wall of China. Then you do not need to pay anything to repair the collapsed wall," said Dong Yaohui. (Art)

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