Thursday, October 20, 2011

When Construction Goes Wrong

How would you explain that all these "structures" passed the quality control and house inspections? Only by the possible fact that controllers and inspectors were drunk too. Or just near-sighted. I really want to believe the latter, but in some countries they are actually neither drunk or blind - but handsomely bribed. See for yourself:

It all starts with mad designs:

This building clearly needs another (complimentary) part:

Foundation? Basement? Who needs it, lets get more creative:

You probably have seen this before: because of the highly convex (parabolic) shape of the tower's glass facade, the focused sunlight constantly kills every plant alive in a certain spot. This is how Bruce Willis got his haircut -

Oh, I like that. Great idea -

Something somewhere did not work out for these builders... -

Check out these extraordinary set of stairs (and set of chains to support them!) -

More than plumbing. A work of art.

One is labeled "Red", the other "Blue". Can't go wrong here -

(images credit: Idioteka)

The signs says something like: "We provide everything for heating and plumbing" (we make the mess, too) -

There is something in my wa...

Great bike path - are these remains of the recent collision lying around? -

This one will launch you into the air:

...or into the basement:

That's not gonna last:

Some statues don't stay erect for very long (this time earthquake was responsible) -

Whatever it was before... (we really hope it was more than that):

Maybe there is some kind of a beaver creature that chews on sculptures? -

New satellite dishes (and air conditioner) crop is ready:

Somebody traded the rails for vodka? -

Same thing happened to the balconies? -

Best theft protection:

Some drunk ideas can be ingenious

...if potentially deadly:

Why fix the hole? Just wait a little:

Using the old bus as a brick storage:

and old tires to scare your supervisor:

I wonder what he was trying to do, but he's definitely stuck now:

Speaking of drunk builders, they probably use tools like these:

or maybe they drink really strong spirits:

Drunk crane operators are the worst:

Don't park your BMW anywhere close to these guys:

You know you gotta stop drinking, when you start seeing things:

This is a wonderful art piece from Propaganda. More info

Enter the bathroom (with caution):

Watch for holes in the floor! -

And the winner of the surreal construction is this: What the heck is this??

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