Friday, January 20, 2012

Katy Perry Want to Have Boyfriend from Indonesia

Katy Perry (REUTERS/ Sergio Moraes)

"Am I sexy? I'm curious about Indonesian people want to have a girlfriend."
Katy Perry fascinating look at the concert that lasted 1 hour 30 minutes. Katy endlessly surprised at the action stage to the thousands of fans in attendance at the Sentul International Convention Center (SICC).
Before appearing on stage, thousands of spectators presented a video that tells Katy was having a nightmare. Then Katy woke up and he also appeared on stage the first rendition of 'Teenage Dream'.
This video will become a series of stories in concert Katy. Using a white costume with accessories like a lollipop that can spin the fan, gloves and red high heels become his trademark. He brought the next song titled 'Hummingbird heartbeat' and 'Waking up in Vegas'.

Katy's costume changes were colored blue dress and the song 'Ur so gay'. The surprise came from the stage when Katy opened her costume and look sexy rendition of 'Peacock' with dancernya,
"I feel so sexy tonight. Am I sexy? I wondered what people want to have a girlfriend Indonesia. Who wants to be my girlfriend devil," said Katy on stage.
He also pointed to one spectator named Adri and kissed her on stage. Adri was given the opportunity to kiss Katy as she photographed. This makes the hysterical cries of the audience who feel jealous. After pleasing fans, Katy then the song 'I Kissed A Girl'. Then he changed costumes again and the song 'Circle the drain', 'ET', 'last friday night (TGIF)'.
"It took me 27 hours from Los Angeles here. Although this is not the weekend but it's okey. I am happy here. I enjoy Jakarta. I can often sunbathe. I wonder why here loads of sun."
"Fans here are the most were what I had. I've got a song. It's really special song for me and I'll sing it for you."
He also performed the song 'The one That got away' acoustically.Here Katy managed to make thousands of spectators amazed because appreciation and voice.
Katy's surprise return given the time to sing the song 'Hot n Cold'.As he sang, in a matter of seconds, he changed costumes as much as 7 times on the stage. Katy is famous for its unique fashion. Not only that, when the song 'Fireworks', the audience was startled by fireworks that arise from the right side and left the stage.
Throughout the concerts, when costume changes, the audience is presented with a video story that has been drafted. From the video is narrated journey to find her partner Katy and through some strange occurrences. Before closing the concert, the audience re-presented with the final video story. Katy managed to find a partner but now wanted to go after he fell. Then Katy woke up and found it all just a bad dream.
The song 'California Gurls' became the closing song sung Katy.there are large balls of colored iridescent thrown into the audience. 'There is still a surprise to you, "he said. He also spray water to the audience and end the concert.
"I love you Jakarta, Indonesia I love you."
The audience applause was incessant awarded to Katy. Nothing less than his appearance. Sound, lighting, stage concept, property and the action stage terkonsep and interesting to make the audience happy. 

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