Thursday, January 19, 2012

Giant Project Build $ 2 Billion

Chairul Tanjung (right) dan Aburizal Bakrie 

 Billionaire Indonesia, Chairul Tanjung, plans to build anew area covering 1,200 hectares with an investment of U.S. $ 2billion, equivalent to Rp18 trillion, named Trans City. The buildings in this area would later become the icons of the buildingin Indonesia.

"We are still in the planning design, we estimate hisgroundbreaking early next year and partially completed in 2014,"Chairul Tanjung said when met at Pacific Place JakartaWednesday, January 18, 2012.

CT Corp. According to the owner of this, it involves more than tenagencies in the world's best architects to design the Trans City.With their involvement, it is expected that buildings built in thecomplex would become the iconic Trans City and became a landmark building in Indonesia.
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"Its location in the suburbs (around Greater Jakarta area), we can not tell where it is located," said the man who finished 11thrichest person in Indonesia.

To build the Trans City will require an investment fund of up toU.S. $ 2 billion. Own sources of funding will be partly taken fromthe company's cash and partly from bank loans. CT, her nickname, preferring to use loans from banks rather than issuingbonds.

"The problem this way, the burden is more expensive than bankbonds. 10-year bank loan was okay, the interest banks could farfour point so, the bond dollars could be 7-8 percent," he said.[SRN]

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