Friday, February 10, 2012

Cars Can Be Folded

The position of the car when folded .

[SRN] Brussels - an increasingly dense urban road and parking areaare increasingly narrow in big cities has received specialattention of technology companies in Basque, Spain.

Matador's company from the country to innovate by developing an electric-powered car, dubbed the folding Hiriko. Hiriko urbanitself means in Basque language.

How to fold it? Cars can be folded like the folded stroller. Carchassis will bend like a baby carriage. The car had been exhibited before the European Commission headquarters inBrussels in late January.
The position of the car when folded (MIT)
The car is quite small, only 2.5 meters in length, and has no side door. So to get into the passenger cabin, you can step throughthe front window of a car dashboard.

With a body that is not too large, Hiriko touted as anti-jam and thecar parking area and the crisis of environmentally friendly cars, for electrically driven.

As reported by AFP on Friday (02/10/2012) Hiriko using a 4motor mated to a lithium-ion. 1 electric car 1 moving the wheelsindependently.

Although small car that can only be menampng 2 passengermileage is able to reach 120 kilometers on a single full chargethe battery. While the maximum speed reached 90 km / am.

Designers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT),Boston, United States who is also working with technology companies in the Basque country, Spain, said Hiriko was the forerunner of urban car has many advantages.

Some governments had intended to buy the car, including Berlin,Barcelona, San Francisco, Hong Kong. Besides Paris, London,Boston, Dubai and Brussels are also interested.

They say the car is a car manufactured in 2013, and went on salein Europe with banderolan 12 500 euros, or about USD 148million.



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