Friday, February 10, 2012

Kesha, and Nude Party activities


Kesha, and Nude Party activities

Singer We R Who We R did have a strange hobby of painting. Instead of using brushes to paint, Kesha prefer to use the naked body. Apparently, this hobby is growing rapidly now.
  Investigate to investigate, often eccentric singer is apparentlyheld a party at his naked body paint. Where once he chose to do it myself, apparently Kesha has now found a special delight in doing a gang.
"Oh, body paint is still often do. That's fa-voritku, "said Kesha.
  "Sometimes I throw a party at my house in Nashville and to wear clothes or not is up to. Anyway we are painting each other's bodyof friends, ran here and there, and I have a giant bed. Anyway Ikeep doing my hobby, "he continued.
Kesha alone is quite indifferent to all the people who people thinkabout him. He does not mind being hunted by the paparazzi, andnot too concerned about the news about him. He was not eventoo concerned with her ​​appearance in public. .
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