Monday, February 27, 2012

Given the complexity of the makeup of 'The Iron Lady'

Margaret Tatcher, Meryl Streep 
Meryl Streep Margaret Thatcher transformed so young, adult, until old age.Many people are amazed by the transformation of the face of Meryl Streep in the film 'The Iron Lady'. The original face was covered with makeup perfectly, until it resembles the former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.No wonder that this film the makeup team was awarded the Best Makeup 2012 Academy Awards, held February 26, 2012, Sunday, in Los Angeles. You wonder who the man behind the makeup amazing 'The Iron Lady'?He is Mark Coulier, a prosthetic makeup designer at Paramount Pictures. When asked two days prior to the Oscars, Coulier was hoping "Iron Lady" could make a career getting bounced.

"Someone told me that the Iron Lady could be a career or career life jacket. I certainly hope that the career will soar up," Coulier said, as quoted by the BBC.To change the face of Streep, Coulier worked with J Roy Helland.For 35 years, Helland is so stylist and makeup Streep in the film.They both also do a variety of ways to make the figure Thatcher Streep so young, adult, up to age and suffering from dementia."We also create designs on a computer to take pictures of Margaret Thatcher and a picture Streep, to put together," said Coulier.
Coulier made of latex strip is then applied to the head of Streep's face. The biggest challenge comes when Streep teams have changed the face of an adult woman to woman in her mid 80's.They do not use a full face mask, in order to get a picture of wrinkled skin. However, the area covered by Streep heads the cast, and then sprayed with paint."I was speechless and felt scared because of Margaret Thatcher in front of our parents, and it's Meryl Streep," said Damian Jones, producer of 'The Iron Lady'.Phyllida Lloyd, the director, said that getting the right makeup is one of the most important element of the film. "We worked hard in preparation and planning it. We do not want to ruin everything and makeup to be a barrier picture of Thatcher on the audience," he said.Small fake nose attached to the nose Streep, as she played a young Thatcher. This is done so that the face looks more impressive soft Streep. Some areas of the face should also be covered."Streep has great cheekbones, while Thatcher has a full face," said Coulier.Two things are very typical of Thatcher's appearance is the hair and teeth like a rabbit's teeth. It is also specially prepared."Wigs are the characters and that is not behind the teeth!" Lloyd said. (Hp).• VIVAnews[SRN]

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