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The Place Full of Mystery on The Island of Java

1. South Coast region of Java Island

It is said that the southern coast of Java island inhabited by a genie who led Queen of South. Southern coastal area that isconsidered haunted Parangkusumo Beach (harbor site KratonYogyakarta, regarded as a magical palace gate of South Sea),Parangtritisthe cave (hermitage).
2Sultan Palace
When visiting the courts during the day jogja certainly not too feelkeangkerannya. But when it's late in the afternoon until the evening the atmosphere changed 180 degrees. Indeed, the atmosphere is beautiful, the lights add to the beauty of thispalace. Quiet atmosphere, only a few courtiers who pass by. On the other hand the sacred atmosphere was palpable. The mostpowerful is around the ward behind ward proboyeksa golden.Yeah sure .. because the place is a place where royal treasures.Which maintain special but certainly not human soldier from another world.
According to the co-author who is a senior photographer who got the assignment to take pictures tell a lot. Starting from the camera is always dead when focus to  object when repeated  whereas others haunted fenomena. The photos that are not reasonable when there was printed a giant pair of eyes are watching.

3. Tomb of the Kings Imogiri

Imogiri tomb is the tomb of the king of Mataram kings until theSultanate descendants Yogyakarta and Surakarta Kasunanan.To enter the area of ​​the tomb of the king had to wear special clothing and use special rulesShould not be arbitrary in this tomb.4Mount Merapi 

Each year the Sultan's Palace held in honor of the harborpengunggu Sweep Mount Merapi Grandmother UniverseFor climbers trim must be familiar with the market BubrahBubrah market is the market is fine creaturesWatu hut in gn.merbabu isthe gateway to the magical kingdomAt the top of the mountainthere is a big wide field of climbers who supposedly camped there often heard the hooves or see the palace.
Mount Tidar 
5. Forest Purwo Banyuwangi
Alas Purwo located on the southern coast near the beachplengkungSince the first base  Mount Tidar not only famous as an icon or the identity ofMagelangFor some people who are spiritual lelaku nglakoni,Mount Tidar is one of the objects into their destination to draw closer to God Gusti.
6. Mount Tidar. In the pastMount Tidar famous for the haunted her and be home to the Jin and Fine creaturesMoro Jalmo Jalmo Deadeveryperson who came to Mount Tidar certainly die if not ya modar(and maybe this is the origin of the name Tidar).According to the narrative as Mbah Paiman Tidar Interpreter Lock Mountin Mount Tidar there are 2 pieces of the tomb is the Tomb and the Tomb of Kyai Throughout Ismoyo Sang Hyang (or better known as Kyai Semar). While the place is known as the Tomb of Sheikh Subakir petilasan really just him.
7.Lawang Sewu
Sewu Lawang is famous for its awesomenessThe people who live around the housing there is often said that they saw the shadows and so forthLawang Sewu located in Semarang,Central Java and was named Lawans Sewu in Javanese meansThousand Doors because this building has a lot of doors. 
Lawang Sewu

Mount Bromo

In Ranu Kumbolo near gn semeru, hikers who camp frequentlyseen ghost of women emerged from the middle of the lake.The supernatural events often experienced hikers in almost all the famous mountains with it's mysterious. The climbers are often reminded by local people, officers, and regulations that clearly contains the taboos associated with the spirits of the mountain residents concerned. .
8.Mount Bromo


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