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Sadahurip: Nature and Freedom of Thinking

Mount Sadahurip


Sadahurip: Nature and Freedom of Thinking
"Man is not imprisoned by fate, but was imprisoned by his own mind" - Franklin Delano Roosevelt (1882-1945).
Mamat, Ade and his friends with a swift and nimble to follow our journey up the mountain communities Sadahuraip Geotrek Indonesia.
Along the way, 8-year-old Mamat happily tell you about the hustle and bustle of the guests who came to Mount Sadahurip. Mamat deftly offered as a porter to carry our bags. Mamat said it used to be the porter since there is the Pyramid Mountain Sadahurip preached in it, even as an introduction to logistics people spent the night on Mount Sadahurip.

Debate and controversy Mount Sadahurip alleged in it there is the Pyramid of Indonesia to bring the Community Geotrek been to the village at the foot of Mount Sadahurip Cisapar Beautiful.Community Geotrek Indonesia is not intended to find a pyramid or add to the fierce debate, but we are interested in a picnic and discuss what really happened, and how this is a polemic that has not been completed.
Two-hour journey is quite tiring us. Arriving at the foot of the mountain Sadahurip Cisapar village we were greeted by a friendly gaze villagers are familiar with the coming of the end of the pyramid are curious about.
After lunch, our guest speaker called the Principal Mr Awang H Satyana (geologist BP Migas) began to spread out the full poster of Mount Sadahurip structure, research and geoelectric and radar images of the types of pyramid architecture around the world. A multidisciplinary explanation of Mr Awang H. Satyana.
The interesting thing in the introductory course at the foot of the mountain Sadahurip is how to hypnotize explanation Pak Awang villagers began to gather from the mothers, fathers and children were silent, and without whom we seriously listen to the material given Mr. Principal. Pak Awang to explain aspects of the geology, history and local knowledge in layman's language and easy dimengeriti by the villagers.
One of the villagers whispering to his friend "Oh kitau its way neangan pyramid tea ... Kudu heula Jeung dug his nut aya tangtu her .... Oh kitu eusina mountain tea" (I see ya ... how to find a pyramid that should be explored first and it also may not be there ... oh yes so that the contents of the mountain)
An enlightenment for our participants and villagers are often confused with the arrival of visitors. So what is gained from a trip to Sadahurip community, of course I will present some of the material may only be because so much of the science that we got from Mr. Awang.
The first pyramid is it possible there is a culture in Indonesia?And he said, "and there may be" but we do not have to think in the framework of the pyramids of Egypt, because according to the cultural history of the Egyptian pyramids are one of the forms of pyramid models that appear in only one period Firaaun government. So the picture that was taken very much Pak Awang Pyramid type.
Outside Egypt, the pyramids were found in different countries with different time and form. For example, in the Persian Ziggurat pyramid, the pyramid Mayan Indians in Central America, Pyramid Nsude in Nigeria, El Castillo Pyramid, Chichen Itza in Mexico, Nubian pyramids in Sudan and Hellinikon in Greece. The pyramid shape is a wide-Manam but showed the same characteristic, that is centered on the peak like a mountain.
In Indonesia, known as the Pyramid of cultural capital punden terraces. Punden staircase is a variation of the step pyramid.Example is the site of Mount pramid step Padang.
When we reached the top we feel a different psychological atmosphere surrounded by many mountains Sadahurip mountain, like Mount Galungung, Talaga Bodas, Rakutak, Thunder Mountain, Mount Sadakeling. Mount Sadahurip as a central "cosmology".
At the top Sadahurip, Pak Awang discuss the philosophy of science, discusses the many facts and interpretations Sadahurip mountain so that we do not get caught up in an exhausting polemical and confrontational. Controversy Sadahurip: dogma in science, debate and free thought.
According to Pak Awang, between the pro that Sadahurip is a pro pyramid and volcano they have facts that could be interpreted respectively. However, research conducted geoelectric pro pyramid can answer two or volcanic pyramid all unfinished. There are a few facts presented Sadahurip Pak Awang.
First, Sadahurip a hill as high as 1493 meters above sea level.
Second, he shaped pyramid.
Third, some of the exposed rocks didindingnya or scattered in the surrounding rock show organized by andesite.
Fourth, the regional geology Sadahurip is the dominant pathway volcano in West Java.
Fifth, do not report the existence of the crater at the top or walls.
These facts are complicating factors to be interpreted Sadahurip pyramids or volcanoes can not be resolved quickly. The most valuable learning of the material provided by Mr. Awang is:
"The truth which has become final and closed all doors to other possibilities is a dogma. Science develops not through dogma, because dogma arose when finished science. Science develops through the debate. From the history of science we see that what is true and has been a theory, it can be slain in the future even if the change is to take a while tens or even hundreds of years. Let the debate goes facts can not change no matter what people think, research methods can help but it can also deceive. Let us think freely without the shackles of dogma " (Snippets of quotes from the materials science philosophy Satyana Awang H).

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