Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Tourist destinations in eastern Indonesia

Tourist destinations in eastern Indonesia, Raja Ampat in Papua in particular, became an icon in the tourism promotion conducted by the Swiss Embassy in Bern, in cooperation with the Ministry of Tourism Creative Economy and public transport companies in two cities in Switzerland: Bern and Basel.

According to Staff Pensosbud Embassy in Bern, Budiman Wiriakusumah, the People's Independent Online (Wednesday, 1 / 2), the promotion is done in an effort to increase the number of Swiss tourists who visited Indonesia. Campaign with the theme of "Postcards from a wonderland, a remarkable Indonesia" starts today (1 / 2) for for approximately three months.

In three months, continued Budiman, will be plastered with beautiful invitations for a trip to Indonesia and to visit tourist destinations such as Bunaken, Raja Ampat, Tana Toraja, Komodo, Flores, Borobudur, Lombok, Bali and of course the Pacific Islands

According to data from the Central Bureau of Statistics in the year 2010 recorded the number of tourists visiting Indonesia as much as 34,928 Swiss, with an average spending 1587.84 dollars and the average length of stay of 14 days. This number includes a significant number considering the population of Switzerland that only amounted to 6 million. With the promotion of tourism destinations Indonesia is expected to Swiss society will be many more to choose Indonesia as a favorite tourist destination.

Budiman Wiriakusumah, as a maker of design concepts and at the same promotions, explains, the selection of public transport as a means of promotion in Switzerland is very appropriate considering some of the Swiss population to use public transport as the main vehicle. It is expected this campaign to reach the target to increase the Swiss tourists who visited Indonesia to remember this campaign will be seen by the general public in Switzerland.

In addition on two cities, Bern and Basel, Budiman hoping by the end of 2012, the Embassy-Bern can establish cooperation with public transport companies in other major cities such as Zurich, Geneva and Lucerne.

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