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Big Steroid will destroy the earth

Steroid illustration reach the earth(

This story about the asteroid. Objects from outer space, the latter will be touched by the many reported earth. Early February, the Russian scientists estimate that an asteroid will hit Earth, 13 April 2036. Objects like rocks along the 269 meters was named Apophis.Not yet completed preparations for Apophis, new threats come again. This time, according to experts from the U.S. space agency (NASA) in the United States. Asteroids of 460 feet, about 140 meters will be touched by the Earth on February 5, 2040.Friday, March 2, 2012, a number of international television crowded about the NASA simulation showing the collision. Asteroid is named AG 5 2011.Studied since hundreds of years ago, to this day little is known about how experts process of formation of the asteroid. Some experts say that the asteroid was a remnant of a planet destroyed by explosions or crashing into other objects.
But other experts argue that possibility. According to them, the asteroid is a stand-alone objects, outstanding in space and can be withdrawn planets including Earth gravity. Conflicts can occur.And lately, there's a lot of the universe circulating near the earth and some are touched. Whether because of increasingly frequent - as reported by the Daily Mail, February 28, 2012 - United Nations (UN) seriously discuss the asteroid.The world body does have a unit called the Near Earth Object Action Team. This team, for example, has begun to discuss how the transfer orbit this giant rock that is not touched the earth. So that the damage can be avoided.The team continues to discuss with experts from NASA. And based on the space agency's calculation, the chance that a large hard object hitting the Earth is 1:625. But Donald Yeomans, head of Near Earth Object Observation Program at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory of NASA, adding that the predictions that could change. Because it is also constantly changing.Although it does not cause the end of the world - because size is not so bad - it would be dangerous if pierced through the city. Loss of life will fall, though probably not much. Compare this with the asteroid that triggered the destruction recorded in the history of dinosaur species 65 million years ago. The size is nine miles over the width of the size of the 2011 AG5.But again this is still preliminary calculations. For his own AHI NASA is still groping scaling properties of the asteroid AG5. So the new size estimates while. They could only watch half of it.Exact size of the new note between 2013 and 2016 is a time when astronomers were able to monitor the 2011 AG5 of land. From preliminary calculations it is known that in the year 2023, this object would "get away from the key hole" that protects the earth, before he pierced through the soil, possibly in a very small size."School Bus" Almost Hit EarthIf it continues to study two asteroids, Friday, January 27, 2012 a small asteroid nearly touched the earth. The school bus-sized object at a distance of 60 000 kilometers from Earth. Astronomers reported that it was crowded almost touching the earth.Prior to January 27, NASA has warn the world. The experts reported that there was a school bus-sized asteroid will pass Earth.But he was passing at a safe distance. The agency's notification was delivered in various ways, including the announcement in social media like Twitter.Director of Research Center for Small Planets in the U.S., Gareth Williams confirmed that the asteroid which experts BX34 was named 2012's top 20 list of known asteroids is not far from the earth rotates.But because of very small size, these objects can only be detected when the distance is close enough. "This object is very small, even when it collided with Earth, he would not survive the atmosphere.Although only one piece, "said Gareth Williams as the site loaded AsiaOne, Saturday, January 28, 2012.
Asteroid 2012 BX34, which has a diameter of 6 to 9 meters, easily destroyed when entering the Earth's shield. Even if there are remaining, the size of a fist. And will fall to Earth as meteorites.
And November 2011, an asteroid with a size much larger, amounting to an aircraft carrier, had passed near the Earth.Asteroid, named 2005 YU55 is closest to the distance across the Earth in 200 years time. 400 meter diameter asteroid passed at a short distance farther than the "school bus". Approximately 324 600 kilometers from Earth.But space scientists never underestimate the asteroid. It is not impossible it becomes the cause of the disaster. As happened 65 million years ago in the Yucatan.Giant asteroid that entered Earth's wasting away the dust that causes the sun covered. Tion has been hit by extreme winter, which is touted to be one cause of extinction of the dinosaurs.
One of the incoming asteroid radar observations are Aphopis, who was found June 19, 2004. Length of 269 meters. It was going to be in very close proximity to Earth on 13 April 2029, but not to hit.However, when re-crossing the Earth on 13 April 2036, this asteroid may have a chance, although very thin, to nudge the Earth.Rescue ScenariosNASA and space scientists have prepared a precaution to avoid possible touched each other, the slightest possibility.One of the rescue scenario is to send the plane of the earth to the asteroid. The aircraft was designed to give the effect of gravity, which is capable of directing the asteroid away from earth, over millions of light years.
Another option, just like the story in the movie "Armageddon". A satellite was prepared to crash it into the asteroid.
Selian two ways, the use of nuclear technology has also been discussed. But, fear not resolve the nuclear issue, and helping to create hail that leads to the earth.[SRN-Vivanews]

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