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17 Rich Indonesia in 2012 Forbes List

Budi Hartono owner Djarum Group

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17 Rich Indonesia in 2012 Forbes List
Duet Budi and Michael Hartono still occupy the top position among other employers.
The world's leading economic magazine, Forbes, re-released 1226 list of the rich world. In the list, there are 17 businessmen from Indonesia.As quoted from page Forbes, Thursday, March 8, 2012, the top employers in the ground water that enters the Forbes list in 2012 was still occupied by R Budi Hartono (71 years). Great entrepreneurs in the banking business and these cigarettes are in the position 146 of the world. Budi Hartono pocketed the wealth of up to U.S. $ 6.5 billion (Rp58, 5 billion).
Budi Hartono wealth is equal to Leonid Fedun (55 years, Russia), Antonia Johnson (68 years, Sweden), Suleiman Kerimov (46 years, Russia), Joseph Lau (60 years, Hong Kong), Tsai Wan-tsai & Family ( 82, Taiwan), and Zong Qinghou (66 years, China).
Stalking behind Budi Hartono, is his brother, Michael Hartono (72 years). Just like his brother, Michael also gained a wealth of banking business and cigarettes and with a value of U.S. $ 6.3 billion. Michael was in a position to the 2012 Forbes 157 list.
Third, top-ranking Indonesian businessmen in Forbes 2012 list is the Low Tuck Kwong (63 years). Employers in the coal mining business was ranked 304 with a total wealth of the world reached U.S. $ 3.6 billion.
While employers who rely on the business of oil palm plantations, Martua Sitorus (52 years), 2012 Forbes ranked 377. The total wealth of the entrepreneur business owner Wilmar was U.S. $ 3 billion.
In the fifth highest position in the Forbes list of Indonesian businessmen is Sukanto Tanoto 2012 (62 years). Entrepreneurs engaged in a variety of different businesses have a wealth of up to U.S. $ 2.8 billion. He was ranked 418 of the world.
Here's a list of the Forbes list of Indonesia in 2012:No EntrepreneurWealth (U.S. $)RatingA. Budi Hartono 6.5 billion 1462. Michael Hartono 6.3 billion 1573. Low Tuck Kwong 3.6 billion 3044. Martua Sitorus 3.0 billion 3775. Sukanto Tanoto 2.8 billion 4186. Peter Sondakh 2.6 billion 4647. Achmad Hamami 2.2 billion 5788. Sri Prakash Lohia 2.0 billion 6349. Chairul 2.0 billion 63410. Kiki Barki 1.7 billion 76411. Murdaya Poo 1.5 billion 85412. Edwin Soeryadjaya 1.4 billion 91313. Tahir 1.3 billion 96014. Tanoesoedibjo 1.3 billion in 960 days15. Garibaldi Thohir 1.2 billion in 101516. Theodore Rachmat 1.1 billion in 1075
17. Djoko Susanto 1.0 billion in 1153 .

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