Monday, April 2, 2012

Urine the Alternative Fuel

Urine from toilet

WorldResearcher: Urine, Alternative Fuel
In the Netherlands, the energy gained from the urine can supply energy to 30,000 homes.
 Petroleum increasingly scarce and expensive. The price also skyrocketed triggered political turmoil in the Middle East that never ended. Conditions that encourage the search for alternative fuels: hydrogen, water, garbage, biodesel, even urine.
Dutch researchers are currently busy proving the efficacy of "the yellow water". The research is still done. The good news, as far as it went smoothly and the results are very promising.
Together with the University of Delft, DHV research institute has developed the technical processing of the urine. Recently they managed to obtain patents in China, South Africa, the United States and Europe.
"We process the collected urine, conventional and chemical. Doing approaches to produce 'yellow energy'," said Andreas Glesen, DHV Innovation Research Manager, as published by Radio Netherlands Worldwide (RNW).
In the Netherlands, the energy gained from the urine can supply energy to 30,000 homes. It was only from human urine. If the urine output increased, the supply could be increased five-fold.
Process to make the urine a simple true alternative energy sources.Urine contains ammonia compounds. If heated slowly, the urine will turn into ammonia gas. The gas can be incorporated into the fuel cell (fuel cell), a type of generator, and then used to generate electricity were.
With the supply of urine that is always available, the electrical energy generated can be held any time. In contrast to the energy produced from wind and oil, which depends on natural conditions.
Not only be a source of energy, residual urine processing, phosphoric acid, can also be used to make fertilizer, which is not dangerous because it contains no chemicals.
One of these research findings will be open to investors. Although the initial cost is quite high. But the cost will be paid back within 8-10 years. In the Netherlands, the period is still reasonable and acceptable. [Vivanews-SRN]

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