Thursday, March 22, 2012

Oprah Winfrey and Rosie O 'Donnell is reportedly involved in the feud

Two well-known talk show host of the world, OprahWinfrey and Rosie O 'Donnell is reportedly involved in the feud. Two people who had been so close, the so-called mutual hatred andhostility.

According to RadarOnline, two emcee this feud began whenWinfrey decided to end the show that brought Rosie talk show onWinfrey's television network, OWN.
Winfrey cut the program because it does not get a good rating.Rosie did not receive them in conversation and suspenseful.

"Rosie did not like the language that made ​​Winfrey in a pressrelease press. He felt himself to be responsible for these failures,"said the source.

Reportedly, Winfrey also was offended because Rosie called toemployees rather than to himself.
"Winfrey asks Rosie to contact her, but she never called Winfrey," said another source.[SRN-VIVANews]

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