Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Blood Painting

Amy Winehouse
Pete Doherty, the musician who is known as a lover of art items,hold an auction. One of the special work that he has to offer AmyWinehouse was face painting ink made ​​from the blood.
Winehouse Doherty using native blood. In addition to showing the face of the singer, Winehouse's friends are also carved out a shortsentence on the side: "ladylike".
With all these unique paintings, Doherty target auction could reaprevenues of £ 50-80 thousand over the next week, told Female First.
Doherty said that Winehouse had called his father when the painting was made. "Dad, I was with Doherty, he paint me with my blood,"Doherty said Winehouse imitate speech.
During his life, Winehouse also had to exhibit the painting in front ofhis father. However, the father was not interested in even deny it."Do you believe my daughter did that with his own blood? It'srubbish news," rich dad, Mitch Winehouse.
In the auction, Doherty also featured a number of his works aresummarized in a series of collection titled 'Blood On: A Portrait ofthe Artist'. All the paintings in the form of ink streaks of blood.Besides Winehouse blood, he also uses his own blood to paint[Vivanews-SRN]

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