Friday, September 21, 2012

Sensatiocraft Spread to Melbourne

Armed with construction waste, Sensatiocraft  tried to introduce the products into
 the luxury goods and to supplement luxury hotels in Australia,
 it is not easy to convince them but there is hope that makes dreams recycle products from Indonesia will be more appreciated.
Dimension 22x28x30cm, 900 gr weight. Catclock  in the box 
you to imagine the shape and behavior of a funny cat, please explore 
here as your imagination. Packing Dimension : 14x14x30cm, 900 gr weight, carton, 
wrapped plastic inside
Catclock and lamp from Sensatiocraft, in the lobby of  Travelodge
Hotel, Melbourne.

High  28cm, diameter  11cm. weight  500gr. Material plastic pipe, grafired in contemporer style.
Designed for sleeping lamp,  power electric 5 watt.
Stand on Travelodge Hotel Melbourne.
Catclock in Eureka Skydeck gooddy bag
Catclock trying new atmosphere in Australia, although very cold,
catclock style in front of Eureka Skydeck
Hoping Sensatiocraft trip to Australia was not in vain, Sensatiocraft tried to introduce its product ... And amazingly Sensatiocraft  got a very good appreciation, and we immediately made ​​the mutually beneficial cooperation between Sensatiocraft and counter or distributor in Australia.
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