Friday, September 3, 2010

Jakarta employ 1.2 million domestic servants (PRT)

ADI DWIJAYADIChairman of the National Network Domestic Workers Advocacy (Jala PRT), Lita Anggraeni, when interviewed by reporters in Matraman, East Jakarta, Wednesday (09/01/2010). He assess more clearly the fact the high demand of domestic residents.

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JAKARTA, - Towards Eid found leaflets offering services of domestic workers (PRT) infalan (substitute for a certain period) in various places, such as stuck in a tree, house walls, freeway walls, or ads in the newspapers.
Call it, the sentence following pamphlets: We Provide Replacement PRT Lebaran Holiday period, please contact Mr. / Ms ... or Confused Search PRT Substitute? Contact the Foundation ....
"This fact shows the reality of social demand for domestic workers, especially ahead of Idul Fitri," said Chairman of the National Network PRT Advocacy (Jala PRT), Lita Anggraeni, in Press Conference Reflection Lebaran 2010, Wednesday (09/01/2010) in Jakarta.
According to Lita, household chores, like washing and ironing clothes, parenting, making food, and clean the house, it was so important for a domestic life.
"Just imagine Lebaran later, when no one doing all the housework," he said.
For households that do not employ domestic workers, none of this would have a big impact because of all the household work done themselves. But, for those who employ domestic workers, their absence would increase household expenditure.
"For instance, for the period between two to four weeks, you have to find a replacement domestic worker wages above the regular wages of domestic workers. If you can not substitute for domestic workers, the expenditure to eat, wash, and the iron becomes greater," said Lita.
According to a survey Jala PRT in 2009, spending on domestic workers in households without a regular day (especially those with young children) can reach two to four times when a household's expenditures to employ domestic workers.
"From this survey, it was obvious PRT is contributing to the economic efficiency of household and public activities," he said.
Jala PRT noted, Jakarta is a city that employ domestic workers in Indonesia's most lots with 1.2 million people, followed by Surabaya, Medan 500,000 people and 200,000 people. (

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