Sunday, December 26, 2010

Former Underpant of Queen Elizabeth II Auctioned, Who's Want?

If you are using ordinary people, surely this former underwear no one would, surely even discarded. So what if it never worn pants in the British Queen Elizabeth II? There will definitely want to buy. This thought came to mind heirs of Baron Joseph de Bicske Dobronyi, after Queen Victoria's underpants know could sell up to USD 86 million in 2008. The question now of where the "CD" Queen Elizabeth was obtained?
During his life, who was called Sepy Baron is known as a playboy. Because "naughtyness" as well, he finally met with someone who had chartered the plane ever used the queen during a visit to Chile in 1968. Playboy from Miami, the United States is then save it as a royal pair of CD collections. Sepy After the death last June, according to TMZ pages on Monday (6 / 12), his heirs and then intend to sell these unique collections.
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