Sunday, December 26, 2010

Wikileaks said freeport deposited money into the TNI and Polri

Jakarta - The mass media in Australia enliven WikiLeaks leak related problems in Papua. Gelontoran wire diplomatic U.S. Embassy Jakarta, from different years showed that PT Freeport admitted to deposit money

Wikileaks and Indonesia Diplomatic Documents
into the military and police to secure their business in Papua.
As reported by the Sydney Morning Herald, Thursday (23/12/2010), revealed how the U.S. Embassy in Jakarta very concerned about the interests of PT Freeport. In a number of diplomatic wire, it was revealed that Freeport's often lamented to the U.S. Embassy in Jakarta.
In March 2006, senior managers from companies that complained, "Corruption is rampant in the district and provincial officials, upset the people of Papua."
Freeport says the people of Papua little benefit from taxes and royalties paid by Freeport to the provincial government in accordance with the Special Autonomy Law. "Corruption is damaging the image of Freeport in the eyes of the Papuans as well," said the person.
Well, who is also revealed is that, in the same wire is mentioned that a senior executive admitted that Freeport company paid the TNI and police officials to secure their operations. Deposit this money had protested after the New York Times revealed in 2006.
However, in April 2007, a wire was also revealed that, "Freeport continues to pay a voluntary fund to support the police." (Fay / vit)

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