Monday, December 27, 2010

Strongest Vagina in the World

Miss V Paling Kuat di dunia mampu angkat 14 Kg Beban
Strongest Vagina in the World Record Can 14 Kg Weightlifting
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Tatiana Kozhevnikova (42 years), women from Russia this is a new world record holder for the category of lifting weights (crystal ball), weighing 14 kg in her vagina. Vagina title World Strongest in the Guinness Book of World Records was achieved after breaking the previous record which was also on behalf of himself. L! Fe Kozhevnikova told that he has trained
the muscles of her vagina for 15 years to achieve such remarkable.
Miss V Most Powerful in the world capable of lifting 14 Kg load

Miss V Most Powerful in the world capable of lifting 14 Kg load

"After I had kids, my vaginal muscles extremely weak. Then I read books about Dao and kunoyang know that women used to overcome this problem by using wooden balls, "he said. Since then Kozhevnikova her vaginal muscles using a crystal ball. "You put one ball in the vagina, which has a rope attached with a little hook at the very end. You put the ball on the latch. "

"Train your vagina muscles five minutes every day, and only in one week you will be able to give an unforgettable pleasure to yourself and your partner while having sex," he said. Wah about her husband so how ya?

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